Sculpture and Installation

Ice Pop Chandelier Tomato cage, ice popsicles, and monofilament 2 x 3.5 feet 2012         Tropacalia Chandelier         SoftBirdcageChandelier

Ice Pop Chandelier, Tropicalia Chandelier, and Red, White, and Blue Chandelier
Tomato cages, wire, monofilament, faux fruit and foliage, plastic craft string, and cellophane
2 x 4.5 feet; 2.5 x 7 feet; 1 x 2 feet




Installation view




Chains of Love (Red, White, and Blue)
dimensions variable



1.gwaller    3.gwaller

Target_mauve_forest_green_lavendar_sky_blue    4.gwaller

Homemade Targets
Foam, ribbon, pompoms, silk rose petals, sequins, lace, crepe paper, yarn, tinsel, flagging tape, googly eyes, and straight pins
3-5 feet in diameter each



Repulsion Revisited

Repulsion Revisited
Furniture, felt, fake hair, yarn, sponges, marbles, jacks, fly swatters, flagging tape, pompoms, foam, plastic grass, wire, thread, and curlers
10 x 10 feet (dimensions variable)



Corinthian_Column    Corinthian_Column_Closeup

Corinthian Column (for Bradley Wester)
Foam, cotton batting, flagging tape, sponges, yarn, curlers, felt, silk fern fronds, googly eyes, glue, and toothpicks
4.5 x 1.5 feet




spongerug2      spongerug3


Sponge Rugs and Pretzel Curtains
Cut scrubbing sponges, yarn, thread, latch hook mesh, pretzels, nail polish, glue, and monofilament
3 x 3 feet x 10 feet (dimensions variable)



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